My Daughter’s Bedroom Glow Up


May 28, 2023

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pink bedroom

When it comes to decorating my daughter’s bedroom, pink has always been the name of the game. At least for the past year. From the walls to the bedding to the accessories, she’s developed a love for all things pink and girly. Earlier this year we decided it was time for a little bedroom glow up. With a few simple changes and some creative DIY touches, we were able to transform her room into a cozy and stylish space that’s perfect for a little girl with big dreams.

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Previously I shared 3 of the projects I worked on in her room. I skim coated her walls in preparation for picture mould and pink paint, I did an Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Dupe, and I added wallpaper to her closet walls. Her room is seriously a dream! I am so so happy with how it turned out and she is over the moon!

Converting her Crib to a Full Size Bed

The last major project I wanted to complete during this bedroom glow up was turning her toddler bed into a full size bed. When I was pregnant with my daughter and found out I was having a little girl, I was SO excited. I looked at soooo many cribs until I found her current crib (now a toddler bed), which I immediately fell in love with in the store. I loved the color, the details. . .everything about it was perfect!

baby furniture

But as you know, the years pass, children outgrow their cribs, and suddenly you realize you need to spend the money on a good bed frame. My little girl is petite but she was definitely getting too big for her toddler bed – which in essence is her baby crib without the rails.

toddler bed, pink bedroom

Coming up with a Game Plan

Truth is, I didn’t have the budget for a new bed. When we purchased this crib with the toddler rail (which was extra) we paid $1500 with tax and delivery. At the time I didn’t really stop to think that my investment was really not an investment at all – because kids grow up and I would probably only get a good 5 years out of this whole ensemble. So 6 years later, here we are and I was not ready or willing to put more money into another bed even if it meant that a new bed should last until my daughter turned 18 and moves away for college (assuming she moves away). I would rather put the money towards a good mattress. 🙂

So I did just that. I purchased a Festool Domino and was dying to try it on a project. This was the perfect project for this beautiful tool. The build would require that I cut up pieces of the crib but I figured it was worth a try.

I went to my favorite local lumber store and bought 2 pieces of Ash wood. Ash is a really great hardwood and it’s very affordable.

lumber, ash lumber

How it All Came Together

My idea was to take the 2 longer pieces of wood and use them as the side rails for the bed. After I cut down my pieces and rounded out the edges, I painted them a close match to the original color of the crib. It’s a Fusion Mineral Paint Color and matched almost perfectly.

painting bed rails

For the footboard I used the toddler rail and cut it all down to the same length along with the legs of the crib. Kind of a risky move but it worked!

cutting crib foot board
crib leg, woodworking
This is what it looked like at first.

I LOVE the detail on the legs and wanted to reuse them if I could. I joined the side rails using 2 methods. At the foot of the bed, the side rails were joined to the legs with dominos. . .

festool domino, bed build
festool domino, bed build
Dominos go in here 🙂
building bed for little girl
For this kind of joinery you need wood glue and a mallet to make sure you have a tight fit.

…and then attached the rails to the headboard with bolts and fasteners.

attaching side rails to headboard with bolts and fasteners
This side is attached to the headboard with bolts and fasteners.

Now it’s time to add the slats that will support the mattress. For the supports I used pieces of 1×2 pine that I had in my scrap pile and attached them to the inside of the side rails.

building bed
I attached the supports with screws.

Then I added the slats on top and screwed each slat in to the supports on each side.

adding slats to bed build
Little eyes were watching my every move. 🙂

I added the mattress to the top of the slats and wa-la! We have a bed!

pink bedroom

Not gonna lie. . when it all came together I shed a few tears. There is something so magical about having an idea in your head, not being sure it’s going to work out and then it does – and you feel on top of the world! I love all my projects but this one has a special place in my heart because it was built with lots of love for my sweet little girl! And it actually turned out!

furniture detail on bed
You see why I couldn’t get rid of this detail? It’s so beautiful!
pink bedroom
pink bedroom

And that my friend, is where this bedroom glow up story ends. This room is officially done and I have a very happy little 5 year old!

What do you think? Let me know if you have any questions! If you’d like to see the IG reel about this build you can find it here. And if you’re into photos, you can see them on this post here. Happy DIYing!


Wall Paint – Clare Paint “Baby Soft”

Trim Paint – Clare Paint “Fresh Kicks”

Area Rug – Loloi Rug CLJ Collection

White Sheer Curtains

Curtain Rod

Swivel Chair

Ceiling Fan

DIY Mirror

Unicorn Sheets


Pink Throw

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