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March 3, 2023

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Have you seen those beautiful Anthropologie Primrose Mirrors? I WANT ONE.

Anthro “look alike” I made
Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Collection

They’re also super expensive and your girl is not about that life. At least not for a mirror. I have a few friends who have made a look alike of this Anthropologie mirror and I was inspired to give it a try too.

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For weeks I looked for the perfect mirror on FBMP and at my local thrift shops. But even at the thrift shops, the mirrors I found were around $50 and I never found a shape I actually liked. One day I was shopping online for something else on the Target app and a picture of a semi-arched mirror showed up. Instantly I knew THAT was the mirror I wanted to try this dupe on. I had been looking for a mirror for my daughter’s room and this was it. Retail was $70 and the good news was I had a gift card balance I was able to use towards the purchase of this mirror, so in my cart it went!

Target 46x24 Over the Mantel Mirror

It was perfect! I had seen some appliques at Lowe’s so I took a trip to look and sure enough I found a few options that could work and ultimately settled for this one.

Wood applique
Applique I found at Lowe’s

One of my DIY friends @lovenida_ had recently done an anthro inspires mirror and had linked this pearl garland she used to decorate her mirror. I quickly added these to my Amazon cart and thankfully both items arrived around the same time – the mirror and the pearl garland. It was meant to be!

10mm Pearl Garland
Pearl Garland I got from Amazon

Supplies you will Need

Putting it all together

This look alike is probably one of the easiest DIYs I’ve done in a long time. And WORTH IT.

First I drew a line down the middle of the mirror (on the back) in order to place the applique in the center. If you don’t do this, it is hard to figure out where the center is since this mirror does have an arch at the top. Once I found the center I used E6000 glue to attach a small block to the applique, which I then attached to the mirror.

Attaching wood applique to mirror

Next I used more E6000 to attach the pearl garland to the edges of the mirror.

Attaching pearl garland to mirror

Using Rub n Buff

So many of my DIY friends swear by Rub n Buff. Personally, I had never used it, but there’s always a first time for everything. I went to my local Michael’s and found some. This tube is tiny. I had my doubts about whether there would be enough to do this project. But in the end it all worked out great and there was plenty of Rub n Buff left! Added a little Rub n Buff to tone down the yellow tones of the mirror and done!

Rub n buff on applique


The total cost of this mirror came to about $71 – which was roughly what I would have paid for the Target mirror alone. Compared to the 3′ Anthro mirror which is smaller AND $548, I think this was worth it! You could easily find a good mirror to update at a thrift store and save even more money doing this!

Anthro Primrose DIY, Anthropologie Primrose dupe
Anthropologie Primrose Mirror dupe
Anthropologie Mirror Dupe

What do you think of this Anthropologie inspired mirror? Is this something you’d try?

You can find the reel where I share the process here. Happy DIYing! 🙂

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