Power tools changed my life and they can change yours too!

I'm a believer, creative, tool nerd, Latina, autism mom living the plant-based lifestyle.

I believe everything happens for a reason.  There are many reasons why I DIY.  It all started when I was younger and kind of fell into it, being surrounded by my tios and their power tools.  Building and making has helped me cope with the challenges there is to being an autism mom. It's my creative outlet that gave me something for ME and along the way I met you! :)
My hope is that you are encouraged and inspired to learn something new - like how to use a drill for basic home stuff! Drills are good for EVERYTHING! I also love sharing a bit about my autism journey and my culture. On Mondays on IG I occasionally share some of my favorite plant-based Mexican recipes for what I call "Mexican Monday" so come hang out with me there!

my favorite part of what i do? looking around my home and seeing the things I've built and knowing i built that.